Runjiang Feili Mansion(Luquan)

Located in Tongye Town, Luquan District, Runjiang Luquan Feili Mansion is French style Light luxury landscape residence, and it is a masterpiece developed by Runjiang Real Estate, a property enterprise which has been fixed on Shimen for six years.

Designed in Landscape Residence of Light French Luxury Style , Runjiang ‧Luquan Feili Mansion is adhered to the core planning concept of Six Light Luxury Truth to for to pay tribute to Luquan's happy human settlements; inspired by French palace building in the design, it creatively develops unique landscape system; to inherit the sense of ritual of French royal aristocrats' life, it creates regional first pan-clubhouse walk-in lobby, 5,000m2 French style shopping street and 1,000m2 top leisure club; it cooperates with famous property management company to provide owners with noble service and six-fold security system for their all-round life.

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Highlights of Project

  • Convenient and Fast Traffic

    Westward extension of Nanerhuan、Road and Huai’an Road and update of Shitong Road

  • Exquisite Building

    Light French luxury fine building,hide luxury into minute details with such noble and graceful elements including French -style portico columns, carving and dormer window

  • Residential Facilities

    5A National West Mountain Scenic spot、Longquan Lake Park, Beiguo OUTLETS, Western Hospital of No. 2 Hebei Provincial Hospital

  • Quality Education

    High quality Kindergarten, North Tongye Primary School, Luquan No. 2 Middle School, Western Campus of Shijiazhuang No.1 Middle School

  • Garden Landscape

    The original and creative landscape system of "One Axis, Four Courtyards, Five multiple and Six Frontiers"

  • Community Facilities

    5,000m2 French style shopping street

  • Lobby

    Platinum entrance lobby with full function, bringing you a sense of aristocratic ritual of returning home

  • Owner Club

    1,000㎡ top leisure club, including sitting room, gym, yoga center, etc.

Basic Information

  • Type of Project 7 buildings of 15-17-story high-rise residence

  • Area: 40mu, with building area 65,900 square meters

  • Location: No. 615 Shitong Road, Tongye Town, Luquan District, Shijiazhuang City

  • Type of Series: Mansion style

  • State of Sales: In sale

  • Progress of Project: Under construction

  • Unit area: 85-131m2 perfect house type, craftsmanship designed by master, with square structure, giving you a comfortable home

  • Valid period of property right: 70 years

  • Parking ratio: 1: 1

  • Property management charge: to be determined

  • State of decoration: rough

  • Number of planned households: 421

  • Greening rate: 40%

  • Volume ratio: 2.0

  • Sales address: Nearing Tongye Police Station, Tongye Town, Luquan District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

Project Album

  • Aerial view
  • rendering

House Type

  • Three bedrooms and two living rooms
  • Two bedrooms and two living rooms
  • Building Area: about 103.82㎡

  • Building Area: about 112.73㎡

  • Building Area: about 119.39㎡

  • Building Area: about 114.14㎡

  • Building Area: about 108.97㎡

  • Building Area: about 103.82㎡

  • Building Area: about 98.88㎡

  • Building Area: about 122.96㎡

  • Building Area: about 130.14㎡

  • Building Area: about 85.70㎡

  • Building Area: about 85.60㎡

  • Building Area: about 90.56㎡


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