Runjiang Zhengding Yihaoyua

Runjiang Zhengding Yihaoyuan is the first high-quality community built by Runjiang Real Estate in Zhengding. It is a benchmarking project in Zhengding, and will be a foundation for Runjiang Real Estate to further develop Zhengding.

Runjiang Zhengding Yihaoyuan is of the new Chinese style and filled with the traditional Chinese architectural quintessence. Moreover, it pays more attention to the exquisiteness of modern living values, and chimes in with the cultural style of the thousand-year ancient city of Zhengding, embodying cultural inheritance and the nobility of the community. The community is composed of a four-gate five-theme shaded courtyard, where there is Chinese-style courtyard landscape, eight custom gardens, and waterscape flower corridor. Moreover, there is a comfortable living system for all ages, including a fluorescent jogging track, square foot vegetable gardens, a basketball court and a heated pool. Runjiang will built five luxurious living systems built with ingenuity: “Chinese-style courtyard culture system”, “five-garden eight-landscape garden system”, “double-hall four-court living system”, “for-all-age residential system” and “luxurious, spacious comfortable living system”.

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Highlights of Project

  • Convenient and Fast Traffic

    Next to Zhengding Railway Station and Subway Line 2

  • Exquisite Building

    Multiple-eave roof, sculpture, rafter, metal eave marking, dry hanging stone, passive building

  • Residential Facilities

    Beiguo Shopping Mall, Ruitian Shopping Mall, Shenghua Shopping Mall, Zhengding Small Commodities Market, Shuguang Hospital, People’s Hospital

  • Quality Education

    Bilingual Kindergarten, Zilong Primary School, Botang Primary School, Hongwen Primary School, Guorui School

  • Garden Landscape

    Four-gate courtyard, five theme courtyards, eight custom indoor gardens, each building equipped with landscape

  • Community Facilities

    Children’s playground, garden jogging track, old age health center, square foot vegetable gardens, seasonal heated poo, basketball court

  • Lobby

    Finely decorated tall double-entrance hotel lobby, a platinum-grade above-and below-ground finely decorated

  • Owner Club

    High-end private club, fitness center, chess room, bookstore of Chinese classics, neighborhood learning center

Basic Information

  • Type of Project: High-rise, Small High-rise

  • Type of Series: Courtyard Style

  • State of Sales: In sale

  • Progress of Project: Under construction

  • Sales Address: to the Northeast of the Intersection of Shuguang Road and Station West Street Zhengding, Shijiazhuang

  • Project Location: to the Northeast of the Intersection of Shuguang Road and Station West Street Zhengding, Shijiazhuang

  • Valid period of property right: 70 years

  • Delivery Time: June 2021

  • Project Planning: 170 thousand square meters, a new Chinese-style low-density high-end community

  • Property Services: 24-hour Concierge-like Property Services

  • Unit area: 85-150m2 Luxury House, all-bright square pattern

  • Parking Space Ratio: 1:1

  • Number of planned households: 1233

  • Total number of buildings: 3 27-storey buildings, 3 25-storey buildings, 1 18-storey building, and 1 17--storey building

  • Greening rate: 35%

  • Volume ratio: 2.5

Project Album

  • Aerial view
  • Real View
  • planning chart
  • rendering

House Type

  • Two bedrooms and two living rooms
  • Three bedrooms and two living rooms
  • Building Area: about 93.71㎡

  • Building Area: about 93.71㎡

  • Building Area: about 140.83㎡

  • Building Area: about 130.52㎡

  • Building Area: about 134.56㎡

  • Building Area: about 131.72㎡


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