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Established in 105, Shijiazhuang Runjiang Commercial Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Runjiang Commercial Management) is a wholly-owned subsidiary under Runjiang Group specialized in investment and operation of commercial real estate and investment management service. Carrying on the mission of Runjiang Group “Service builds quality life”, the company builds a characteristic commercial model by innovating lifestyles and enjoying fashionable experience.

Runjiang Commercial Management has a professional team of nearly 100 members, which boasts years of professional experience whether in business orientation,business planning, investment management at the early stage or site operation and property service at the later stage. At present, it operates commercial space of 140,900 ㎡ and maintains cooperation with many commercial brands.

The company plans ahead of time and makes a perfect deployment, forms three product lines, Star Center, Star Joy City and Star Neighborhood consistent with its own characteristics based on such factors as commercial scale, types of business, supporting functions and operation model, completes a vertical commercial framework. With foresight, it keeps gathering and integrating commercial resources, carries the hopes of business partners, builds a new commercial platform for merchants and investors to grow together to realize the goal of win-win cooperation and boost the upgrade of urban image.

Partner Brands

Relying on its strong commercial management capacity and advanced business management philosophy, the company has attracted and partnered with many brands. While seeking a brand cooperation model with characteristics of Runjiang, it will build an integrated platform of quality commerce in Hebei Province and North China region, centered on the commercial framework of interaction among regions, projects and brands.

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